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About Sarah

Sarah Gabrielle Baron (SGB) is a teacher, business woman, and writer from Manitoulin Island, Ontario. She uses the pronouns she/her.

Sarah holds a B.A. in Politics and Indigenous Studies from Trent University, and her B.Ed. was attained through the Indigenous Teacher's Education Program at Kenjgewin Teg and Queen's University. She teaches all grades, from Kindergarten to adult, with specialization in Indigenous Studies, co-op education and Special Education.

As a creative writer, Sarah focuses on poetry, short stories and screenplays. Themes of feminism and environmentalism run throughout her work. As a small business owner, Sarah ran a small resort on Manitoulin Island for twenty years, and today she assists other small business owners and individuals with taxes and organization.

Sarah has spent the past two years learning about the nuclear power industry in Canada and globally. Sarah exposes truths for Canadians in her podcast, RADIOACTIVE on, where she interviews regular Canadians living in neighborhoods with radioactive legacies.

Sarah's political activities have always been housed within the Green Party of Canada family. She ran in 2006, started an EDA that year, and continues to act as Official Agent for federal Green candidates and Financial Agent for provincial Green candidates.

Sarah advocates for the arts, for Indigenous-led self-government evolution, for protection of minority rights, and for societal development that honours the realities of climate change that future generations will endure.

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